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Welcome Back Everyone!

September 2018

Welcome back everyone. This year I’ve been persuaded to join the 21st century and add a ‘Head of School’s Blog’ to the website... Here we go!

It’s great to see our students back in school this term looking ready to start the new school year. I hope you all managed to enjoy a wonderful break this summer!

As we start the new school year, I’d like to particularly welcome all our new students in year 7 and their families to Southfield School. With 275 students, we are now at a record number of students on roll!

Each and every student has made a fantastic start to the autumn term, but in particular, I must praise our new Year 7 classes, staff and students alike, for their lively start to what is always a new and eventful time for all. I’d also like to say a big well done to our Key Stage 4 students, some of whom transitioned to a new environment over the road, now known as KS4@PVC, and of course, our Year 11s who transitioned to our post-16 college environment at the PVC for Key Stage 5.

This year we have 30 new year 7 students, all of whom are starting their Southfield journey towards adulthood with us. They are rising to the challenge of this transition experience and are being very well supported by excellent class teams. The staff have planned some lovely activities to get them hooked in and they are busy assessing the students so that they can begin to set targets for their learning. The teachers in Year 7 are Ms Bainbridge, Miss James and Mrs Miller, and they are more than happy to speak to any parents or carers who have questions at this early point in the year. You can contact them through the Year 7 mobile number available from school.

We are also delighted to welcome our highest number of new staff ever in one go to the Southfield team! With 7 new teachers and 17 new support staff joining the team to support the growth in student numbers, it’s getting very busy around here – it’s a good thing we can call each other ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’ as we learn names!!!

With so much movement and growth across the school to accommodate increasing numbers, two people who didn’t get much of a break this summer were Alan and Ian, our intrepid Site Managers, who have done an amazing job refurbishing some of our classrooms and our caretaker’s old bungalow into appropriate learning spaces to better meet the needs of all our students. Thank you both!

We are also this term reaping the benefits of some funding applications that Joe Brown, one of our Sports Instructors, put together last term to raise £5,000 from the New Opportunities Fund to enable us to purchase 14 additional cycles, 6 bikes and 8 trikes to further encourage the physical development of our students, and of course to have some fun!


Here’s to a fabulous year, watch this space!


Jacqui Hill