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Big results from our new exercise books, have you seen them?

Hello and welcome to the new Miss Mander’s Blog.

A monthly blog about the school life, and goings-on at Grange Technology College. I’ll be joined by some guest bloggers too; we are looking forward to the year ahead so keep your eyes on this blog!

This month’s blog is all about our new exercise books; have you seen them yet? Ask your child if you can have a look at their swish new books. We’re really proud of them and we hope that our pupils are going to get great results out of these new books.

We introduced them back at the beginning of the year in September. They have a handy reminder about what is needed for school on the inside of the cover, a strip at the bottom of the page to reflect on the lessons, any key points they need to remember and other ways they can help to improve their learning and lessons. Oh and if you see a green pen being used in the book, that’s good! It means that the students are responding to teacher feedback and improving their work.

We do have a little something to ask of you, don’t worry, it’s nothing too demanding! Please can you check what your children are writing in these sections. They are there to help your children and make sure that they’re getting the most out of their time here at Grange.

We’ve had a brilliant first half-term with these exercise books, and we’re looking forward to the future of them. We hope you’re just as excited about them as we are.