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We are THE only school in Bradford that supports our students in the Shine Programme!

The Shine Programme is a wonderful opportunity for young people to learn about, experience and consider if going to university is the right choice for them. 

The programme starts in year 7 and involves a visit to the University of York. In years 8 and 9 the visits to York are repeated and the students complete research assignments at home. In year 10, all Shine students are invited to apply to visit the university for a three-day residential!  

The residential is always extremely popular with Grangers. The visit involves living in student accommodation, participating in lectures, eating out in the city of York, experiencing some of the social activities on offer at university and lots more. It really gives our students a good feel of university life. 

Finally, in year 11, the students return to the university for a day and form part of a conference which re-caps all that has been learned over the years. Students then graduate from the programme with a unique certificate. 

Grange staff support students with coursework, planning, visits etc. however Shine is completely free to students and Grange. All costs, including transport, food and the residential are paid for by the University of York! 

Shine is a valuable programme that lets students find out for themselves if university is right for them. Grangers find out what is needed to access university, the application process, the costs involved & how Student Finance helps with this, what courses are available and what it feels like to be a university student! 

Shine also provides our students with wonderful opportunities to work alongside students from different backgrounds. One yr11 Granger reports ‘… I believe it [Shine] was a useful opportunity and experience for me as it helped improve my social skills. I am now more confident to meet and talk to other people without feeling anxious.’ 

Furthermore, Grangers have reported that Shine has helped them in school. A previous Granger graduate says [Shine] has made me focus more because I need good grades for the future. 

Here at Grange we are proud to be part of Shine and are more proud of our students who take part!