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Gender Pay Reporting

Gender Pay Reporting

The Southfield Grange Trust is required by law to carry out gender pay gap reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.  This involves carrying out six calculations that show the difference between the average earnings of men & women in our organisation, but does not involve publishing individual colleagues’ data.

We are required to publish the results on our own website and to a government website:, where the results from other organisations can also be viewed.

We can use these results to assess the levels of gender equality in the Trust, in relation to the pay balance of male and female employees at different levels.  It is the second time we have been required to publish this information and these figures show how the position has improved over the past 12 Months.  This will be the last report for the Southfield Grange Trust prior to our schools joining with the Co-op Academy Trust.

In producing these statistics we have followed the approach to reporting set out in government guidance at:


We believe that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the Trust.  We use pay scales based on the School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document, and for support staff each academy follows the job evaluation / grading structure adopted by the local authority which use pay scales set by the NJC.

The Southfield Grange Trust is an equal opportunities employer.  We support the fair treatment of staff, irrespective of gender through our transparent policies including:

  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Safer Recruitment Policy
  • Family Leave Policy
  • Flexible Working Policy
  • Shared Parental Leave Policy

The Southfield Grange Trust has 442 employees.  70.2% are female and 29.8% are male.  We are a flexible employer with a significant number of employees (male and female) working under flexible contracts.  We have a higher proportion of females in all quartiles, but the proportion is greater in the lower quartiles.  The resultant mean and median pay gap is an outcome of the lower proportion of males in the more junior grades.

Although we have a majority of females in the junior pay grades, we also have a majority of females in the leadership pay grades.

Pay & bonus gap:  The Trust did not pay any bonuses in the reference period.

Across The Southfield Grange Trust

Mean Pay Gap

Median Pay Gap

Lower Quartile

Middle Lower Quartile

Middle Upper Quartile

Upper Quartile


16.2% lower for females

32.4% lower for females

80.6% F

19.4% M

77.8% F

22.2% M


34.7% M

57.1% F

42.9% M


21.16% lower for females

34.57% lower for females

83.81% F

16.19% M

79.25% F

20.75% M


33.96% M

60.38% F

39.62% M

Supporting Statement

I can confirm that the above information has been prepared from our payroll data from 31 March 2018 and fairly presents the gender Pay Gap information for The Southfield Grange Trust

Dominic Wall                                  CEO and Accounting Officer