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We strive to ensure that our curriculum enables students to leave Grange fully prepared to take the next steps in their continued education or career.  There are four key priorities which run through our curriculum:

  • Providing subjects which are relevant, exciting and engaging
  • Showing the relevance of the curriculum to the world beyond Grange
  • Developing literacy and numeracy skills
  • Being inclusive and accessible for all

An introduction to our curriculum can be found in our school prospectus.  Further details including a time / subject breakdown of the student curriculum by year group can be found in the additional information document which accompanies the school prospectus.  Both documents can be found here.  

Key Stage 3 & 4 Curriculum

The booklet available to download below details the courses taught at Key Stage 3 & 4, and indicates when each topic is taught throughout the year. This booklet enables to you keep track of the work your child is currently completing at school so that you can support them with their studies at home. For more information, please contact us at school.