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As a school committed to inclusion, we welcome students with a variety of special educational needs and disabilities into our community.  We have four vibrant and supportive inclusion areas with caring, skilled and supportive staff.  The four areas of Inclusion work together, to develop both social and academic skills through a range of personalised intervention programs to ensure that each student reaches their full potential.

Download our Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND) policy,  SEND Local Offer and SEND Annual Report documents at the bottom of the page.  

The four areas of Inclusion include;

Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities area, who work with SEN students to develop literacy and numeracy.  Our New to English/EAL area, works with students who are new to the country to develop language skills and support fast and effective integration into the school community. 

Our Designated Special Provision for Autism area, works with students who have specific social and communication needs and their mainstream integration and access to learning

Our Flexible learning area (FLEX), works with students to develop social and emotional development. Flex staff also work very closely with BASE, an onsite provision for students at risk of permanent exclusion or who need some learning away from mainstream lessons for a short period of time.

We have a large team of Learning Support Assistants, who work with teachers in the classroom to support students, to ensure that they can access the learning and make progress. This might mean working with a small group to ensure that they are able to follow the information in the class or work 1:1 with students to support them with literacy or self-regulation.

We have excellent support, which allow students to access a wide range of individual and small group activities such as :  speech and language development, Ruth Miskin phonics,  literacy interventions, social skills, Toe by Toe, maths and literacy catch up, and enrichment experiences, as well as access to a full extra- curricular programme at school.

In September 2017, opened our on-site Alternative Curriculum for KS3 and KS4 students – The Bridge.  This will be for identified students who need a 12 week intervention programme to support their progress and to be part of mainstream curriculum. We have also added an Educational Psychologist, a Social Worker and a Counsellor to our team to provide further specialist support to our students.