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School Uniform

Uniform is compulsory at Grange Technology College. Below is a list of what students should wear for school as well as information about student appearance and PE Kit.

Year 7 to 11 compulsory items:  Black GTC school blazer, white shirt, black tailored trousers, year tie, black formal school shoes.  Optional Items:  black GTC jumper, black  GTC tunic (see below), black GTC headscarf, black prayer cap.

Year 12/13 compulsory items:  grey GTC sixth form blazer, white shirt, GTC sixth form year tie, black school trousers, plain black school shoes.  Optional Items:  grey GTC sixth form jumper or GTC sixth form cardigan, black GTC headscarf, black prayer cap, black GTC tunic.

Ties 2016-17:  Year 7 Green, Year 8 Red, Year 9 Yellow, Year 10 Orange, Year 11 Blue, Sixth Form Purple

Please note the new year 7 group joining us in September 2017 will wear the Blue tie.  

Tunics: The GTC Islamic tunic is available in black from Natasha’s and Academia only.  This must be worn with a white shirt, school tie and blazer.  The tunic can be supplied in two lengths, both of which feature the embroidered school logo; the knee length tunic must be worn with black school trousers.   

Student Appearance: The dress code is intended to educate students about the typical expectations of a modern workplace. Therefore decorative jewellery is not allowed, although watches and small, simple earrings are acceptable, but these should be removed during PE for health & safety reasons.  Make-up and nail varnish that would suit a social occasion should not be worn to school – simple and discreet make-up that would be appropriate in a modern business environment will be allowed. Body piercing and visible tattoos are not acceptable.  Outdoor coats and headwear are not allowed to be worn in school and must be kept in lockers during the school day. 

Arriving at school ready to learn is essential to success, so every student is expected to come properly equipped:

Boys PE Kit :  GTC light blue polo shirt with logo; GTC hooded sweatshirt; blue tracksuit; blue shorts ; socks; trainers & studded football boots; blue football socks (shin pads and gum shield recommended).

Girls PE Kit :  GTC light blue polo shirt with logo; GTC hooded sweatshirt; blue tracksuit; blue shorts if preferred; socks; trainers (shin pads and gum shield recommended).

Equipment:  Students must have the minimum of the following equipment:  school bag, student ID card, planner, pencil case, 2 black pens, 1 green pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, ruler, highlighter / coloured pencils, calculator. 

This policy will be reviewed in the Autumn Term 2016 by the Parents Forum, with recommendations to be approved by the Board of Trustees.

Buying our Uniform

Items of uniform for Grange Technology College can be purchased from the following stores in Bradford: 

Natasha's:  Tel: 01274 742949  /  12 New John Street, Bradford, BD12QZ

Rawcliffe's:  Tel: 01274 724698  /  42-44 Darley Street, Bradford BD1 3HN

Academia:  01274 735527 65 Market Street, Bradford, BD1 1NE