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Keeping Young People Safe (CEOP)

Keeping young people safe is a key element of all the work we do.  We have clear policies and procedures in place and a wealth of expertise amongst our staff, who take part in regular training as part of their continued professional development.  You can access our Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy in the Campus Policies page here.  

Part of our commitment to safeguarding is to support students and parents by increasing awareness of the types of issues faced by young people in society today, as well as providing the guidance, advice and resources which can help to address those issues.  This area of the site is aimed at students, parents and carers alike.  On the sub-pages listed in the right hand menu bar we are developing a suite of resources including links to external content.  

If you need support with a wellbeing / child protection issue, or as a parent / carer you have a concern about a young person in school, please contact Campus Reception and ask to speak to a member of our Designated Safeguarding Team. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to an external party, we have identified a range of organisations who help with different issues within the Child & Family Helplines page.