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Anti-Bullying Week: All Different, All Equal

This year's anti-bullying week promoted the message 'All Equal, All Different'.  This event is an annual fixture on the Southfield Calendar and always prompts our staff to think of imaginative ways to teach the pupils about an important topic which encourages students to work as a team and celebrate their many differences.  

This year, as in previous years, the students explored diversity, friendships, respect and tolerance of others throughout the week in lessons and assemblies.  Because Children in Need was the following Friday, we chose to run Anti-Bullying Week a week earlier than the national event this year.  

On Friday students and staff came into school wearing odd socks to give a shared message that we are all equal despite our differences.  This theme had been worked on throughout the week as all classes contributed to some really creative displays of their own odd socks, pictured above.  Teaching the topic in a way that enables the students to enjoy and express themselves was really productive and their engagement and understanding shone through in theire responses both in the classroom and the Friday assemblies.