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Student Council meet with Barnardo's

The Student Council plays an imprtant role in our students' experiences at Southfield.  They are the voice of the school and an invaluable link between the students and staff.  In addition to this, taking part in the Student Council helps build their confidence leadership skills.   

Away from their regular duties, last week, the team spent some time with representatives from the charity Barnardo's, who came to school to run a workshop with them.  The activities were focused around students' aspirations for the future, particularly in relation to offers for young people with additional needs in Bradford.  They also looked at the barriers to accessing these provisions and how to overcome them.  

Rachel Hodgson, the staff lead for SMSC and works closely with the Student Council:  "It was great to welcome Barnardo's to Southfield to meet with our Student Council.  The team really enjoyed the session and took a great deal from it.  Raising aspirations is really important and as student leaders, the team are role models to their peers.  We look forward to the next session."

Barnardo's will be coming back to Southfield once they have collated all the evidence provided by our young people to feedback and action some of our ideas.   We will continue reporting on this as the relationship develops.