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Smile Week culminates in Identity Day

The week beginning 22nd February was Smile Week in Southfield which culminated on Friday in Identity Day, an idea that was inspired by our ongoing involvement in the One Britain One Nation project.  

The idea of Smile Week was for staff to find out what makes their students and colleagues smile and to promote this in their lessons throughout the week.  This was rewarded with certificates for each key stage or area to give out in assemblies:  1. Those who smile the most through the week and 2. Those who made the best effort to make others smile.  There was also a competition to design a poster, which was judged by the School Council.  The week generated lots of interesting work in classrooms.  

Friday 26th February was Identity Day, when students and staff were invited to attend school wearing clothing they feel expresses themselves or represents who they are.  The range on display was remarkable: From Power Rangers to Princesses, traditional Muslim dress to Bradford City football kit, we had it all!  Mrs Hill lead by example in her traditional Welsh dress and we even had a group of teachers dressed as (very cool) surfers!  The students were able to share their identities in key stage assemblies, then there was the Southfield Diary Room...

Students from all classes were invited to make an entry in the Southfield Diary Room, where a series of short clips were filmed to demonstrate the range of identities and the importance of expressing them.  The purpose of the film was to generate further work, ideas and conversation about similarities and difference, diversity, cultures, interests, positive self image and confidence.  

We were delighted with how the week went.  The students learned a lot about themselves and each other by sharing the things they enjoy doing and what they feel makes them who they are.  Thanks to all the parents and staff who supported the week.