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New Southfield Bags!!!

We're pleased to show off and announce our fancy NEW Southfield bags! 

Last year an idea was voiced to the Student Council to look at the possibility of having a School bag.  Following consultations with students across school, we can now introduce the new Southfield School bag!

The bags are waterproof, with an adjustable strap and zips to fasten.  They are embroidered with the Southfield School logo and come in two shades of green to complement our school uniform. These are available to buy at a cost of £10.

Payment can be made by cash (in a named envelope), cheque (made payable to ‘Southfield Grange Trust’) or through Parent Pay (using the ‘Uniform’ option).

If you would like to order a Southfield Bag please ask for a letter from a member of the School Council or Mrs. Hodgson.

What a fantastic Christmas present!!

Here we have Sulaiman and Rachel modelling the Southfield School bag!