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Time to Rock!

Rock Challenge Honours Barry Holden

On Tuesday 21st April a large team of students and staff made the journey to the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds to take part in the local rounds of this year’s UK Rock Challenge.   The students, supported magnificently by our staff, took it all in their stride, putting on a heartfelt and fitting tribute to Barry Holden in a piece entitled “Barry—among the stars”.  As ever, the support from all the other competing schools was first class throughout the day and the show time performance received a standing ovation from a packed venue.  The evening ended with a heartfelt tribute to Barry Holden by colleagues from the Be Your Best Foundation.  Barry was a veteran of Rock Challenge and well known to the team, having been involved in all 16 of Southfield's performances over the year.  Barry’s son Joe Holden was delighted to receive a special award on his dad’s behalf as a tribute to Barry’s support over the years. 

Joe Collects a Gold Disk

The support spread onto social media with various people commenting.  Rock Challenge Stage Manager Daniel McCready took to Twitter to pay tribute to the performance, writing “The ridiculously talented students @SouthfieldBD5, usually so good at entertaining and making me laugh, just broke my heart #ForBarry”  Rock Challenge UK and the Be Your Best Foundation made a statement on Facebook, commenting that our team "put on an extremely moving and professional performance which was a tribute to Barry's life" they went on to thank Barry for "all his hard work and the Southfield team for their bravery and spirit throughout the day."  

Sadly, Southfield did not advance to the regional round, however we did receive a total of nine awards in a variety of categories.  Highlights were the Global Rock Challenge Award for Perfomers’ Choice and the Efficiency North Award for Sprit of Rock Challenge (which also we won last year!).  Well done to everyone involved and a big thank you to everyone holding the fort back at school.