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Call & Response at Bradford Cathedral

Students join Chellow Heights peers in chorus at historic venue

On Tuesday 19th May, students from the school's supported and experiential strands  and our DSP joined peers from Chellow Heights School in a call and response performance at the historic Bradford Cathedral.  This is the second event of its kind following the success of a Gruffalo inspired performance at Bradford's Cartwright Hall venue in July 2014.  

This time, the performance was inspired by the venue, but with a twist, as popular bible stories were rewritten to incorporate cockney rhyming slang.  

Call and response is a tried and tested technique which is used in many areas of teaching but which is especially effective with students who have particular special needs due its rhythmic qualities which can enhance concentration.  In call-and-response form the leader sings a line (the call) and is answered by a chorus (the response). The chorus usually stays the same while the soloist improvises. The group were accompanied by a number of instruments including drums and maracas.  

Click here to view a gallery of images from the event.  

Gillian Davis, Education and Visitors Officer for Bradford Cathedral commented that the "pupils and those from Chellow Heights were so wonderfully behaved and performed with great energy and concentration  - a real credit to both schools. Credit must also go to all the staff for their enthusiasm, dedication and genuine care of the children and young people."

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our hosts at Bradford Cathedral for helping to make this event happen.  The cathedral was a perfect venue and provided the ideal backdrop for the performance.