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Welcome to our new website!

The Southfield Grange Trust launches new website.

We are delighted to launch our new website.  This launch is the third of a four stage process to improve the website which began back in May 2014 when we conducted a Campus wide review of the existing site.  We came to the conclusion that significant improvements needed to be made in order to bring it in line with our educational aspirations as well as the excellent facilities we have at our new Campus.  The website serves several functions for us as a school and a business, not least communicating with parents, celebrating student achievements, raising the profile of the school in the community, attracting prospective parents and students and recruiting high calibre staff.  It is therefore an important tool and we felt the right option was to redesign and rebuild the websites of Southfield School, Grange Technology College and The Southfield Grange Trust to meet our needs.  This has been done in partnership with e4education, who have supported us throughout the project with design, structure, project management and content building. 

We want the new site to be more user-friendly and provide regular, eye catching news and information with more photographs and video content to tell our community about whom we are, how we work and all the fantastic things which happen here.  We hope you find the new site has a clearer structure, making information easier to locate, either through its new menu structure or the search function, which can be found in the Menu button.  We have also incorporated social media integration so that users can read our Twitter page on the site and we are committed to improving the way we use the website calendar so that users can access detailed information about events online, without needing to contact the Campus.   We welcome any feedback you might have about the new site.  Please email  Having completed the review, design and build stages, we now look ahead to the ongoing development of the new site.  We will continue monitor and review how it is working, in order to ensure it meets the needs of everyone who uses it.  We’re really pleased with the project so far and hope our whole community see this step as an improvement.