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Southfield Loves Bradford

Students and staff at Southfield took part in the city wide #LoveBradford event this week, aimed at connecting people from across the Bradford district in a celebration of our friendly, diverse and extraordinary district. 

The centre piece of the event took place in City Park on Thursday 15th September, where school children from across the district came together for a world record attempt to make the ‘longest chain of people making heart-shaped hand gestures.’  Southfield sent three classes, one from each key stage, to take part but our support didn’t stop there. 

On Wednesday 14th September, the whole school (comprising around 400 pupils and staff) gathered in the playground to form a large heart shape and created a chain resembling the world record attempt, only on a smaller scale.  After making their chain the school broke into applause before returning to class to get on with the day.  We caught this on camera...



A display has been created to share our involvement in the event which includes a class photo of every group in school making the famous heart gesture.  

Head of School, Jacqui Hill said: “We wanted the whole school to be included in this cultural event, in which many of our pupils’ siblings and friends will be taking part.  It was great to be able to send three classes to City Park but with a bit of organisation we were able to make it possible for every student to be involved.  We are delighted to contribute to the #LoveBradford event.  Everyone who took part really enjoyed it and we have shared our show of support with the event organisers.”