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Anti-bullying Mentors Ready for Action

On Thursday 9th February fifteen students visited Silcoates School in Wakefield to be trained to support their peers and to promote anti-bullying in school.  

The training day was lead by The Diana Award charity as part of their anti-bullying campaign, which is training pupils from schools around the country to to be Anti-bullying Ambassadors.   At Grange, we are going to call them Anti-bullying Peer Support Mentors and the team are  now prepared to help tackle bullying in school.  At the event they learned a great deal and and came up with lots of interesting ideas to try tackle this issue.  

Miss Howard, who accompanied the group said:   "The students had an absolutely brilliant day, they were extremely well behaved and did the school proud.  Laiba Inam even won a star award for her excellent contributions and engagement throughout the day.  It was a really inspirational day for them and we look forward to seeing them and have an impact back in school."

Their first job will be to promote themselves and their role in school using a notice board and by giving presentations in assemblies. The work doesn't stop there though.  After half term the team will share what they have learned with the rest of the Anti-bullying Student Council.  This will result in there being a small group of students in each year group to whom peers can turn for support if needed.  The mentors then hope to promote their campaign and message to the whole school through a pledge to stop all forms of bullying.