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A Celebration of International Achievements

At the end of the Spring term our New to English (NTED) department held a special event to celebrate the many achievements and talents of their students.  

We are proud of the diversity represented at Grange and as a School of Sanctuary and Local Authority New to English (NTE) Hub we have a track record of delivering support to students who arrive in Bradford for a variety of reasons.  Many of our families have fled their homes countries to escape war, persecution and discrimination.  The challenge of establishing themselves here is not a simple one, and very often the greatest obstacles are learning the language, understanding the culture and adapting to the daily routines of life, both in education and society as a whole.  

This is some of the most inspiring and rewarding work we do and the NTE department are keen to reward the students who they work with as they develop and become integrated into mainstream school life.  On Wednesday 29th March we did just that with an afternoon of performance, music and award presentations which showcased the talent and achievements of all our NTE students.  Parents and carers were invited, as were a good number of students who have received support from the NTE team but since integrated into mainstream school.  

The event kicked off with a group of students parading the flags of the many countries represented within the department.  Headteacher, Miss Mander then introduced the event and relayed the story of her mother in law who fled Nazi Germany to the UK and the profound impact that had on her life.  Fantastic musical performances then followed from groups of Arabic, Roma and other European students before department leader Mrs Sprowell took to the stage for her own celebratory song.  There was a poignant story telling performance which saw students recounting stories from their experiences when they first joined Grange.  Finally, the current Year 11 cohort were then presented with awards and wished well by the team as they embark on their examinations this summer.  

The event was a great success, showcasing the brilliant work done by our New to English department and we look forward to seeing them build on it next year.