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Stand Up Speak Out and Make A Difference

Students excel as peer mentoring ambassadors Anne Frank And You exhibition

The Anne Frank And You exhibition is a peer education project which aims to encourage young people to engage with challenging issues and deals with topics such as Discrimination, Human Rights and Democracy.  It was first hosted by Grange in the 2013-14 academic year and is run by a Bradford organisation Stand Up Speak Out and Make A Difference (SUSOMAD).  The project links with the Anne Frank Trust and allows students to make comparisons between the struggles Anne Frank had during the Holocaust, and the struggles faced by many around the world today.   

Ambassadors were selected across Years 8, 9, & 10, to take part in the project and were trained to run the exhibition within the school. This ran for two weeks at the start of December and classes across the Humanities subjects and Independent Learning were taken to the exhibition.  Following the exhibition in school our Ambassadors then took part in training so that they could peer educate on the current issues in the middle east and the Israeli/Palestine Conflict. These lessons were delivered in Humanities lessons across January. Feedback from students and staff was highly positive in terms of the work the Ambassadors did in leading lessons.  

Our Ambassadors have subsequently trained at Kala Sangam in Bradford, to deliver the Anne Frank and U exhibition to the public which opened on 26th February are the first to be working in the exhibition as guides for schools and the public.  

As part of their initial training all ambassadors had to complete a timeline dealing with conflict across the 20th Century. Zain Majid in Year 9 won this competition. It was judged by members of the SUSOMAD team and members of the council. We also had a runner up in Munibah Qureshi. 

Staff and students attended the event where Zain received his award on 25th February at the Anne Frank and U exhibition launch at Kala Sangam.  Also at the event was Eva Schloss (Anne Frank's step sister) who discussed her own experience of life in Auschwitz. Following her speech, our ambassadors and the ones from other schools, led guests around the exhibition.

We are exceptionally proud of the work our students have done in their training, and their work both in school and in the exhibition itself.  They are a real credit to the school.