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Remembering Srebrenica

Students remember and learn about an important historical event and make the links to other significant chapters of history.  

On 11th July 2017 we launched our inaugural commemoration of the Remembering Srebrenica memorial day at the Southfield Grange Campus.  Part of an international day of remembrance, this programme of work aimed to promote discussion around some difficult issues and to improve the quality of dialogue with students around sensitive issues such as Srebrenica, the holocaust and other consequences caused by the neglect of values such as equality, respect and tolerance.   

As part of the day, every student in Grange received a lesson which was based around an educational video created especially for the event.  Featuring students and staff of Grange Technology College and Southfield School, Remembering Srebrenica: Making the Links explores the importance of tolerance, respect and equality whilst taking lessons from historic events which show the terrible consequences when these core values are disregarded.



The film received support from a number of organisations including Bradford Council, Remembering Srebrenica, Friends of High Royd's Memorial Garden and the Anne Frank Trust.  The school plans to continue this work by including the event as an anual feature in it's cultural calendar.