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Helping the experts

This week, Grange students met with a team of international leaders from various industries and sectors, who were in the city as part of a learning experience to improve and inspire leadership. 

Grange Technology College was visited on Thursday 30th November by delegates from social enterprise Leaders Quest, where they enjoyed a workshop with staff and students discussing topics including belonging, aspiration and disruption. 

After being welcomed by Grange Headteacher, Miss Mander, the team were introduced to a group of 20 students, before breaking into smaller group discussions to learn about the issues faced by young people and young leaders in their lives at school and as part of the wider community. 

The group included Directors, Managing Partners and Chief Executives from companies including AstraZeneca and Deloitte; Charity Founders from RefuAid, Holy Land Trust and the Saheli Asians Womens Project; a NASA Research Scientist and an internationally acclaimed Artist. 

The 10 delegates were part of a wider group of 30 who are in Bradford this week taking part in a range of on-the-ground activities and meeting with exceptional leaders in a range of settings.  These include chemical firm Christeyns, The University of Bradford, Touchstone Centre and Project SEARCH Bradford. 

Miss Mander, Headteacher at Grange said:  We are delighted to welcome Leaders Quest to Grange and to Bradford.  Aspiration is one of our core values as a school, so this workshop provided an excellent opportunity for the students to meet and spend time with some outstanding leaders who have a broad range of experience of working internationally.  We hope this has inspired them to aim high and work even harder to reach their goals.”

Leaders Quest Partner, Eric Levine said: “Bradford is the ideal place to explore aspiration and belonging in a nation at a crossroads.  We have received a warm welcome which typifies the spirit not only upon which the city was built, but which will be central to its regeneration and development under current leaders and the leaders of the future, many of whom we met at Grange this week.”

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