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We're Award Winners!

In September we were invited to the Susomad Celebration Event as we won an award for our video on cyberbullying.

SUSOMAD is a two-day programme designed to challenge prejudice and identity–based bullying. It comprises of workshops delivered by staff from Diversity and Cohesion and the Anne Frank Trust, and a peer education element.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their critical thinking skills and empathy for others; the issues covered are current ones affecting young people today.

In Phase 1 we work with year 5 and/or 6 on a topic of choice from three options: Islamophobia, homophobia and gender discrimination. This takes place in the morning of day one.

In Phase 2, on the afternoon of day one and the morning of day two, we work with an ambassador group of 6-10 children on a particular aspect of prejudice or bullying that they want to tackle.

This can be one of the three workshop themes or something else of the children’s choosing. The pupils will start to develop their ideas and think about how they can share their thoughts and their learning with others.

Then in Phase 3 on the afternoon of day two, the ambassador group delivers an assembly to the rest of the year group to share their learning with their peers, supported by Diversity and Cohesion.

Well done to everyone involved!