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Lottery Grant Funds Programme Over Summer Holidays

Recently, Grange Technology College has been working in partnership with Evolve, who are a social impact organisation and were successful in securing £9,750 worth of lottery funding which helped to run the primary to secondary school transition programme over the summer holidays.

Evolve help encourage children to reach their full potential through improving their physical health, understanding their wellbeing and emotions, providing them with the best chance of benefitting from their education, encouraging the development of their personal skills and providing them with the skills, training and experiences they need to thrive at school.

Evolve provided sessions to upcoming year 7 students which were based around the themes of respect for difference, being prepared for secondary school and building positive relationships with others.

Jonathan Patterson, the assistant headteacher had his say on what the lottery funding has allowed Southfield Grange to do: “The lottery funding provided a fantastic opportunity for us to run a great transition programme that would otherwise not have been possible. The programme was able to benefit lots of students, who were able to get a head start on secondary school life which in turn has enabled them to settle into their first term successfully. The Grange students who assisted the staff during the week did a great job and were a credit to the school”.

The students who played a huge part in the success of the year 7 summer school are as follows; Huma Iqbal, Amelia Wojciechowicz, Shamima Akhtar and Yusef Ismail. These students volunteered their own time to help support as health mentor assistants. They were excellent role models for the young children on the programme and did a fantastic job, they all should be immensely proud of themselves.

Also featured on the picture (staff), Sacha, Evolve manager, Kevin Shields, Pastoral Lead Y7 and Jo Spilsbury, Achievement Lead Y7.