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The Brilliant Club

Some of our Grangers have been filmed by no other than Look North!

The Brilliant Club is an organisation which works to widen access to highly selective universities for pupils from under-represented backgrounds.

A select cohort of students have been working with Oxford University and a group of PhD students who are world leaders in their field to complete a range of activities including dissertation and assignment style writing and working on mathematics, physics, engineering and many more projects.

Recently they’ve begun their year 9 workshops and mentoring which has included lectures and seminars by Oxford Lecturers in Gene Editing, Philosophy and Law.

These will be rounded up by a residential trip to Oxford University, Worcester College in the summer term and will continue throughout years 10 and 11 to raise aspirations. 

Well done to the Grangers involved, you've made us all proud with your hard work and enthusiasm.

Keep an eye out for the students on Look North soon! 

The students involve are Amina Akhtar, Inamah Zara, Mohammed Ismail , Ridwan Miah, Haroon Latif, Mohammed Iqbal, Ali Nawaz, Jakub Raczylo, Rohaan Waajid, Naqib Rahman, Sarah Khan and Ammarah Ahmed.