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Students' Poems for Peace are 'Highly Commended'

Congratulations to two of our Grangers on their highly commended poetry! 

In December our First Story writers had a special workshop run by the Royal Literature Society. The subject was Poems for Peace and the poet Ian Duhig delivered the programme, along with Leah Cross from the Royal Literature Society.

We were the only school based in the North of England to be included in with programme.

Each student submitted a poem that was written during the workshop and we are delighted to announce that Haroon and Diana have had their poems highly commended.

Diana's poem titled 'Dulce bellum inexpertis' and Haroon's poem titled 'War Poem' were shortlisted and it was commented by the judges that Haroon's first stanza was one of the judges personal favourties from the entire competition! 

You can read the poems here: