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First Story at the Regional Writing Event!

A group of First Story students from the attended the Regional Writing Event at Leeds Beckett University along with other school from the area who are also part of the First Story project.

After being greeted by University staff we were paired with writers for the two workshops. In the morning we worked with slam poet and actor Ben Mellor who gave the group some warm up exercises, including a word association game which was won by Sami Sher, who ‘out-worded’ all his opponents including university students and Mr Bradshaw.

We spent the morning writing poems of protest as it was the 1st May, traditionally a day of protest, a diverse range of protest subjects were covered, including an advertisement to stop advertisements ruining television programmes.

After lunch in the campus canteen we met our second writing partner who was Sai Murray, who after a free writing exercise starting with ‘I won’t….’ lead the group in writing a collaborative poem in which everyone contributed at least 2 lines.

Lolo, a student at Leeds Beckett gave the students a tour of the facilities and answered all our questions about life on campus, our students were especially impressed with the library facilities and study areas. We then gathered back in the lecture theatre where all the schools had a chance to share and perform their work, it was interesting to see what all the groups had written during the workshops.

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