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Year 12 Attend Safeguarding Day

Sixth Form students learn about keeping themselves and others safe.

On Thursday 9th July, Sixth Form students at Grange took part in a Safeguarding Day as part of the school’s commitment to keeping young people safe.  The whole of Year 12 spent the day attending a series of hard-hitting and thought provoking workshops, each  presented by an external facilitator. 

“Guns, gangs & serious youth violence” was aimed at developing an understanding of gang related violence, understanding the links between domestic conflict & international conflict and developing coping and  safeguarding strategies to prevent gang affiliation. 

“What is far right extremism” was presented Nigel Bromage, a community safeguarding mentor.  This workshop taught participants about the far right narrative and how far right groups radicalise and recruit vulnerable young people. 

“Social media, online propaganda and safeguarding people” was presented by Kashan Amar, Network Coordinator for Upstanding Neighbourhoods.  This taught participants how to spot risky spaces online, how radicalisation can occur and how to develop critical thinking skills when interacting with others in shared spaces. 

“Mentoring vulnerable individuals” was an interactive module run by Sulaiman Samuel (Channel Safeguarding Mentor) which helped participants to consider their own vulnerabilities and risks, whilst learning about the incorrect theology of groups such as Isis. 

“Preventing sexual violence” was run by Imam and National CSE Safeguarding Practitioner, Alyas Karmani.  This workshop helped participants to improve their understanding of legal issues around unlawful sexual activity and key concepts such as consent, respect and the need to protect young children. 

“Why do young people travel to conflict zones?” was presented by Shahid Butt (Community Safeguarding Mentor, foreign fighters) and was aimed at developing an understanding  about why significant numbers of young people are drawn to conflict zones such as Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

As part of our commitment to safeguarding, we run a programme of training and events for staff and students.  To support this, we have dedicated an area of our website to sharing online resources for students, parents and staff.  This is a growing resource, which we are continuing to develop and can be found here.