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Headteacher Announcement

Nick Bell has stepped down as Headteacher at Grange Technology College and new interim leadership has been announced to drive the 12 month turnaround, following our recent Ofsted inspection.  

Nick Bell said:  "Following recent events I have decided that it is in the best interests of all concerned that I step down from my role as headteacher.  I believe that this will allow the school to move forward quickly whilst I look forward to new opportunities."  

"I have greatly enjoyed my 10 years at Grange working with many fantastic staff and students.  I would like to thank everyone that I have worked with over the past ten years for all of your support and I know that the commitment that you all show every day to the young people Grange serves, will ensure that the school goes from strength to strength in the future."  

"I am looking forward to the new opportunities that the future will present and, particularly, to spending more time with my two young daughters.  Thank you once again and very best wishes for the future"  

Mr Bell will be replaced on a temporary basis by senior staff from Guiseley School, with Paul Morrissey taking the role of Executive Headteacher and Alison Mander becoming Acting Headteacher.  

Dominic Wall, Chief Executive of The Southfield Grange Trust said:   “Nicholas Bell is an honourable man and a hard working professional and he firmly believes he has given this job his all for the past three years.  He has now decided to let someone else lead the school through the next stage of development.”

“I promised parents that leadership would improve, and these arrangements are part of that plan.  The team from Guiseley are known for doing good work in schools in difficulty.  The team at this school are a dedicated group of professionals, what they need is the right kind of leadership from the top to give them the confidence they need to tackle the challenges the school faces.”

Paul Morrissey and Alison Mander have worked together for eight years at Guiseley School, following significant experience in both inner city and suburban schools.  In 2013 Guiseley  School was judged to have outstanding leadership and management and outstanding behaviour and safety for its students.  They share a vision for education  which is comprehensive  and inclusive, where students attend their local school, sitting at the heart of the local community. 

Both Mr Morrissey and Miss Mander have worked recently within mainstream and specialist school settings finding themselves in challenging circumstances, bringing leadership capacity to move these schools forward. Mr Morrissey as Executive Headteacher and Miss Mander as Acting Headteacher will be leading the schools 12 month turnaround team and have already worked with senior leaders within the school to develop a robust plan of action to rapidly raise standards across the board.

Miss Mander said, ‘ I am thrilled to be able to support and work with new colleagues during this exciting, but challenging time in Grange’s development. I look forward to meeting parents and students as well as key stakeholders in the community. I am confident that by working together we can ensure students receive an education we can all be proud of.’

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