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Assessing & Reporting Progress

Students are given a clear description of what they need to do to achieve in every subject. Their progress is monitored closely and there is a dialogue between staff, students and parents about how they are progressing, how they can improve and fulfil their potential.  

Assessment calendar

Each department has an Assessment Calendar linked to schemes of work, where students are given common assessments to ensure we can accurately track their achievement and progress. 

Moderation of assessed work

Assessment work is moderated to ensure judgements made about student progress are accurate and consistent. 

Progress Trackers

Progress Trackers are used to monitor a student’s mastery of the skills, knowledge and understanding required to make progress.  They indicate to staff where students need to improve their work in order to make required progress.  These can be shared with students and parents to provide detailed information about a student’s strengths and areas for development. 

Communicating Progress to parents / carers

We have created a guide to the ways we communicate with parents / carers about their child's progress.  This is available to download below.