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Be safe, be fair, be kind, be proud!

In our latest Ofsted inspection, the behaviour of pupils at Southfield was graded as 'outstanding'.  Our Behaviour Policy is available at the bottom of this page.

"Students are enthusiastic learners and have extremely positive attitudes to learning.  The enjoyment of all students can be seen in lessons with the most able thinking carefully and eager to answer questions." They also reported that behaviour is "managed consistently so that those students who occasionally have difficulty in certain situations, do not disrupt the learning of others and return quickly to the classroom".  Our staff are "trained and updated regularly in positive behaviour techniques which help students make great strides in learning to understand and manage their own behaviour." Ofsted 2015

Our Trustees and Governors expect that everyone who becomes part of the Southfield School community will contribute positively to the success of the school and its students.  The Home School Agreement was created to support this expectation.   

The code of conduct is promoted in a range of styles with students across the cognitive ability spectrum, in order to create the right climate for positive behaviour.  Each class tutor develops a set of class rules and adopts roles, responsibilities and rewards that are appropriate to their age and strand of learning.

We have developed 'The Southfield Formula' which is intended to guide our staff towards developing the most proactive, positive, climate and culture in the school, so that incidents of disengagement and negative behaviour are minimised.  Teachers are encouraged to adopt an eclectic approach to behaviour management in response to the diverse range of needs within the school community. 

Students are risk assessed and those with an identified behavioural difficulty have individual 'Behaviour Support Plans', which are co-ordinated by the Pastoral Care Team.  Students who present challenging behaviour are managed in a low key manner using the 'Team Teach' positive behaviour management system.  All classroom staff receive Team Teach training and the school has its own Team Teach Tutors to ensure that training is always up to date. 

Incidents of bullying are infrequent, and are responded to firmly using a 'shared concern' approach.  Incidents of discriminatory behaviour such as racism are extremely unusual.  Fixed term exclusions are used reluctantly and rarely, when the student's cognitive ability makes the sanction meaningful for safety reasons.  Permanent exclusions are not used, although student placements may be reviewed in consultation with parents and SEN officers in the event of a complete breakdown of the placement.