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Mission, Values & Vision

Confident, Resilient, Independent

Our Mission 

Right from the start of the planning for Southfield School, our parents and carers have been clear about what the school should be trying to help the student to achieve.  Ranked in order of importance, these were our parents and carers priorities:

1) All children feeling safe and happy

2) Developing confidence and independence skills

3) Coping skills for dealing with change and developments in their lives

4) Life skills for the challenges of complex social settings

5) Achievements in formal education at an appropriate level to their ability

Our Values

Our intended outcomes for students are summed up by the school values which feature in our school motto 'Confident, Resilient, Independent'. 

Confidence: to face the challenges of adulthood.

Resilience: to cope with difficulties that may come.

Independence: to create the life that they deserve to lead.

Our Vision for Integration

A special school for all abilities, building on the strengths of Bradford’s special schools, and seeking maximum integration opportunities with Grange Technology College.  Our objectives as a school sharing the Southfield Grange Campus are:

  • To enable optimal social integration for each student.
  • To operate a ‘gradient of inclusion’ giving equal consideration of interest to each member of the school community.
  • To establish a model community, recognising that members all have equal value, but with different needs and future paths.