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Pastoral System

What is the Pastoral Team?

The aim of the Pastoral Team is to ensure all students have a safe and enjoyable learning experience during their time on campus. The Pastoral team is led by the Pastoral Team Manager and comprises six Pastoral Managers and one Pastoral Admin Assistant.      

 What happens in the Pastoral Office?

The Pastoral Office is where a student can come at break or lunch if they have any concerns relating to their personal, social or academic wellbeing. The Pastoral Office is also where:

  • Pastoral Managers deal with conflict resolution.
  • Pastoral Managers mediate between students.
  • Students can have a one to one discussion in confidence.

What do Pastoral Managers do?

Pastoral Managers take a lead role in providing care, guidance and support to meet the pastoral needs of targeted students.  They take a lead role in developing interventions to meet the needs of individual students and groups of students.  Pastoral Managers play an active role alongside other Support and Curriculum Team leaders and staff to ensure high standards of behaviour, attendance, well-being and safety are maintained across the school.