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Safeguarding / Child Protection

Our school is built on a promise of 'Safe, Happy Learning' for all students; in order to achieve the best academic progress the children must feel safe and well cared for.  Because our students are amongst the most vulnerable young people, we make a significant commitment to them and their parents and carers to keep them safe.

We also require our staff to make a significant commitment to ensure the health, safety and well-being of themselves, their colleagues and co-workers as well as visitors to the school, through risk assessment, individual plans and the use of standard operating procedures.  

The school has policies (provided on request) on: Bereavement, Bullying, Care and Control, Child Protection, Equalities, Health and Safety, Off-site Educational Visits, On-line Safety and Protection, Sex and Relationships Education and Safer Recruitment, which govern and guide our staff's responses to these situations.  We try to create a proactive approach in school where safe and healthy choices and lifestyles are promoted and celebrated.

Abuse and exploitation

The term 'safeguarding' includes the hard edge of protecting both children and vulnerable adults from abuse and exploitation. This involves preventative approaches to keep our students safe, and a prescribed response to any and all concerns about abuse, neglect or exploitation. We will always act on any concerns raised with us by students, parents or staff; all of our staff and volunteers are required to share this commitment as part of their induction and ongoing professional development.

To speak to a member of our Child Protection Team, please call Campus Reception on 01274 779662.