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Statement of Curriculum Intent

Staff at Grange describe our students as being friendly, happy, generous of spirit, gentle, engaging, positive, adaptable, resilient and trusting. Our students have a strong sense of cultural identity and for many of them their faith plays an important role in their lives. The increasing diversity both in terms of language and culture means that we have an extremely rich environment in which to work and serve.

In order that they are successful citizens, both from a personal and working point of view, staff at Grange believe that in the time students are with us we need to develop their inquisitiveness, confidence, motivation, determination, resourcefulness and resilience. We aim to provide them with a clear understanding of the possibilities and opportunities that there are for them in life.

We aim to explore the importance of values while respecting differences. We believe in empowering our students to look after their own health and wellbeing. We believe that their possibilities are limitless and no matter where their starting point is, all of them can make exceptional progress.

We aim to develop their skills in literacy and numeracy, clearly demonstrating how these skills are relevant to their lives at school, at work and in their relationships. Most importantly we believe that our students should leave us with the capacity for and a love of learning no matter what they are doing.