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Due to the varied and complex needs of our students, just getting everyone here and home safely each day is a huge operation which takes a great deal of organisation by us and external agencies. 

West Entrance on Haycliffe Lane

Many of our students use the school transport system arranged by the Council's Passenger Transport Services (PTC).  The taxis or mini-buses use the West Entrance and are met by Southfield staff.  We operate the ‘safe and enclosed system’, which ensures that our students arrive and depart safely from the school premises.    Our independent students using public transport also use the West Entrance and are supervised by Southfield staff from the moment they arrive. 

Pick up and drop off in the Pathfineder Vocational Centre (PVC)

Parents and Carers may also drop off and pick up students at the beginning / end of the day from the PVC car park.  This measure was put in place in September as a safety measure due to the number of vehicles in the local area at peak times.  

Main Campus Entrance

Parents who drop off their children should use the main campus entrance, where there is dedicated parking for this purpose.    

Any parents who have appointments during the school day should use the main campus car park and arrive at the campus reception where they will be met and escorted to the appropriate location.